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Nefas Eternum

Sin Without End

Ah, our old nemesis, the news page... it has been a while, hasn't it.  Well, while no more!  For I am here!

Also, we're on Korgath.  With a mother-fucking "O".

And we've been raiding!  And having tons of fun!  And dieing, a lot!

Anyhow, we are recruiting!  We are currently in need of ranged dps and healers.  Hit up our application if you are interested in joining.

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A while back, I asked in guild if anyone would be able to make some corrections to our guild site.  Sione said he thought he could make the fixes I wanted, and that was that.  A few weeks later, he told me he had almost finished rebuilding our website, to which I responded, "What?"

Thank you Sione for this website, it is absolutely amazing.

If you notice anything that's brocken, please reply to this post with what the issue is, and we'll get to work on fixing it!

It's a new day for Nefas Eternum.

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Awesome cinematic

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Shadowmoon has now been connected with several other realms. The realms we were connected to are:

  • Blackwing Lair
  • Dethecus
  • Detheroc
  • Haomarush
  • Lethon

Hopefully this will see the rise of a more active (and dare I say) friendly local raiding community.

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Still some kinks to work out, but still, a fucking news page!

Also, SGDQ is still happening. Go check it out!

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